No choice for download/install location

Issue #111 resolved
Gary Scott created an issue

When installing there is no option to choose where to download/install files

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  1. Julian

    There is no setup at the moment. The files are installed in the game folder you downloaded from the website. Just copy the folder to your desired location.

  2. Jesse Cushaway

    The file will download a zipped file to the default location for files downloaded from your browser. After you have the filed downloaded you need to unpack it to whatever destination location of your liking. Once you've done that you can run the launcher .exe file. This will run the launcher and update/install the patcher/launcher files and the game menu system.

    You may also make a icon for the desktop by creating a shortcut of the .exe, then dragging it onto your desktop.

  3. James Wright repo owner

    This isn't a bug, the test launcher is simply just a quick method for downloading the files. Definitely frustrating but won't be fixed unfortunately. Only a temporary solution though since it will be handled through steam later on :)

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