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docholl tannerman created an issue

hello. i downloaded stn when the launcher came out and i opened the game. i clicked through evferything happily. i decided to go back tot eh news tab and open it and play around there. it worked for several mintuie before crashing my game. assuming it might have been a one time issue i reentered and went to playing again. this time it lasted a few mintue shorter but i still had time when it crashed. i dcided to report it int eh time gap i would have. i opened it again and went tot eh news tab and it crashed emidiatly. i informed JB of my issue. i waited for the new update ont ehlauncher and when it came out i updated and got back in the game. i opened the news tab and it lasted much longer but still crashed. i got a friend to help me to get me here to report it. all other tabs work and it wont crash untill i click news.

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