Fence missing at night

Issue #362 resolved
jtread4 created an issue

The fence around the radio tower just outside of the current main town was not present during the night cycle of the game. At night, I was able to walk straight to the tower. When daylight came, a fence appeared. I have recorded footage for debugging purposes if needed.

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  1. jtread4 reporter

    Give me some time to edit this specific part down. I decided to record for this exact purpose, so I'll have to edit out this specific part. It will be up shortly.

    Edit: Video has been added.

  2. Niels Kooi

    This has to do something with the subsectors, you spawned in when it was dark in this sector which didnt load in properly. You probably went away to another part of the map and came back and everything spawned in correctly. Thanks for submitting this thought!

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