Unable To Scroll Inventory

Issue #499 resolved
J created an issue

When fully loaded with various items, I am unable to scroll through the inventory when viewing "All" items.

The inventory shows 25 lines of items when viewing "All" items (I'm guessing this is the same for any inventory tab). However I had 28 items total, 17 items in the "Weapons" tab and 11 items in the "Ammo" tab.

We should be able to scroll up/down in our inventory to be able to view all of our items without having to use the various filtered inventory tabs.

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  1. J reporter

    Related, so I won't create a new issue. You also can't view all items in a chest when it's full. The chest can hold 18 different items, however only 17 lines of items appear when opening the chest. The container interface should have a scroll bar to be able to view all items.

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