crosshair stays green stresstest v1.0.5

Issue #524 resolved
Dr. J created an issue

I was at the farm today trying to pick up a log when my inventory was full. The crosshair turned green when I looked at the log, and stayed green when I looked away. It returned to normal when I had it on another actionable item (in my case a door) and looked away again. I couldn't get it to repeat, even looking at the same log.

Processor - i7 5820K Graphics card - two GTX 770 in SLI RAM - 32GB DDR4 Resolution - Windowed 1768x992 (game at <HIGH> graphics with shadows <on>) O/S - Win 8.1 (v6.3 build 9600) Internet connection speed - 50Mbps down, 3 Mbps up Game version - StressTest 1.0.5 One time / repeatable - no Issue type - Server name - US Linux #1

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  1. David Bazan

    Same happened to me. I found out it was related to a certain kind of logs that can't be turned into firewood. When you pick up a log you get the option to ''chop'' in the inventory and turn it into firewood, but with that kind of log the option shows as ''Use'' but it does nothing, and then the crosshair stays green.

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