random teleport v1.0.5

Issue #528 resolved
Davz Not Here created an issue

i was running down the road next to town, towards the water tower suddenly i was on the other side of the map started to run back started typing in chat about the issue and in mid sentence tp'd somewhere else and started falling through the map

no screens or video game log sent to support email

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  1. James Wright repo owner

    I think this could definitely be caused by either client side or server lag. The movement system uses an authoritative system which moves the please back to correct positing if they move away from each other too much. Across the map seems like a lot though. Will look into it. Thank you.

  2. James Wright repo owner

    This is actually almost certainly caused by server lag :/ As mentioned in my previous comment, the movement is authoritative and when the server is having issues the movement become out of sync which causes the server to think that the player is move cheating and therefore springing back to where it thinks the correct position is. Better locations and optimisations in 2.0 will help this.

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