Picking up loot through object

Issue #556 resolved
Num 47 created an issue

Its possible to pick up loot through the dinning chairs in houses.

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  1. J

    Thank goodness! It's really tough to get in there and pick up items under tables at times due to the pick-up range. Or maybe it's invisible colliders making it tough? Not sure but it can be tricky without picking them up through the chairs sometimes.

  2. James Wright repo owner

    It's most likely the invisible colliders and collision issues that are causing this issue. Going to look into this now,

  3. James Wright repo owner

    Alright so, it's no longer possible to interact with anything through walls and things. In addition to that, item pickups should no longer be under things. This happened due to our culling system and the pickups having physics. Objects in an area would go off as the player walks away from them > pickup falls under > player walks up and objects turn back on. Item pickups now initially have physics so that they can set down in a natural way and then proceed to become static so that they're suspended in their correct position.

  4. J

    Interesting. How about when items are dropped, I'm guessing they will behave in a similar manner (have physics when dropped and become static after settled)?

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