*Not a Bug* Suggestion: Re-Sizable Browser Windows In-Game

Issue #93 closed
J created an issue

While I absolutely love the fact that we can browse the forums, the wiki, submit & browse bug reports all while in-game, the window size for these is quite small. It would be really nice if certain menus could be resized for maximum browsing & reporting pleasure.

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  1. Mason Lundgren

    they have it small for if you are in game and want to look at some thing without making the window the whole screen.

  2. J reporter

    I get that, but if I can MANUALLY resize it to whatever size I want then that issue is negated. Big and full when I'm safe, smaller if I need vision/awareness.

    Also another thought, perhaps these menus could be made to be transparent when your mouse is not hovering over them, or you click outside of the menu.

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