possible to provide bitbake docker image for tutorial?

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Issue #16 wontfix
Larry Cai created an issue

it will be good to run your example using existing docker image, so it can be easily to setup the environment.

Can you provide the Dockerfile or related docker image? then something likes

     git clone git@bitbucket.org:a4z/bitbakeguide.git
     cd ch04
     docker run -it $PWD:/workdir a4z/bitbake
     # cd build
     # bitbake

Rgs, Larry

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  1. Harald Achitz repo owner

    thanks, this is a nice idea! as soon as I find the time to do so, I will create a docker image

  2. Harald Achitz repo owner

    after thinking about this, I think it would be better to improve the install part, since understanding the installation of bitbake (pure and via yocto) is part of the tutorial, and this would fall away when I provide a docker image.

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