The example for the chapter ch05 doesn't work with bitbake 1.42.

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Issue #19 closed
Leonid NA created an issue

I tried to run bitbake 1.42 with an example of chapter ch05, however, the execution ends with an error. There are no such problems with bitbake 1.40.

Yocto 2.7 now comes with Bitbake 1.42

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  1. Harald Achitz repo owner

    Thanks for the report!

    Bitbake developers constantly breaking how bitbake behaves, and after having this tutorial online for several years I start to get tired about that. And I start to run out of ideas how to handle this, I can not test every new bitbake version if the tutorial works.

    I need to think about how to handle this in future

  2. Harald Achitz repo owner

    There is nothing I can do about that, the tutorial works with a specific version of bitbake, and when the developer pf bitbake make incompatible changes, newer or older version might not work.

    The version to use is in chapter 3, and I try to keep it somewhat up to date, as good as possible.

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