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4.2. The smallest possible project The minimal configuration will look like this: ==> how is the directory name 'build' and 'meta-tutorial' determined? can we just select them as we want? how are the names later used? I think some kinder explanation should better be added here.

4.2.2. Some notes to the created files build/conf/bblayers.conf Add the current directory to BBPATH. ==> what is the 'current directory'? this is important but it's rather obscure for novices.

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  1. Harald Achitz repo owner

    Thank you for your report, I will - when doing the next revision of the doc - adopt those parts

    I thought 4.1 (and.1 and .2) describes describes the meta-* and build folder names, but I will see if I can improve that.

    4.2.2, the current working directory, your project top dir, will think about how to make that more clear

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