Is it possible to add exit codes?

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Aaditya Bagga created an issue


I am trying to find out orphan packages on my system, and using sbbdep --whoneeds over all the packages installed.

However, I noticed that irrespective of whether a package had any reverse dependencies or not, the exit code was always zero.

So would it be possible to add exit codes, such that if the output of sbbdep --whoneeds was blank, it would generate exit code 1, while if there was some output (packages that needed it), the output would be zero.

Regards, Aaditya

$ sbbdep -v sbbdep version 0.2.5

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  1. Harald Achitz repo owner

    Hi Aaditya

    sbbdep uses exit codes, in the way as they are intended to be used

    if package is not required by anyone, this is not an error or failure. so the return value of sbbdep is exit_success

    maybe you just want to check the len of the output, and use the --quite option options overview to remove noice?

  2. Aaditya Bagga reporter

    Ah, I see.

    Shortly after I opened this bug report, I though of checking the output from sbbdep, and it was blank when package not found.

    What I used:

    out=$(sbbdep --nosync --whoneeds $package); [[ -z "$out" ]] && echo "Possible Orphan $package"

    This produced lots of packages, but its not sbbdep's fault I would say.

    Thx for the help, its solved for me.

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