Unicode filename specialty

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repo owner created an issue

thanks to orbea@fredslev.dk for reporting this issue

there was a hard to reproduce problem with filenames containing unicode chars in the package marathon-rubicon-data

orbea looked into the problem and sent me this note

I think I figured out why you could not reproduce it. If you build
marathon-rubicon-data with 'OPT=yes' can you now reproduce it?

I installed sbbdep and marathon-rubicon-data on a clean 14.2 chroot and
found I could not reproduce it either. I then rebuilt the
marathon-rubicon-data package with 'OPT=yes' to install it in /opt
instead of /usr and now I could reproduce the issue again. This makes
me wonder why it doesn't have any issues when installed to /usr or why
other marathon games do not have the same problem when installed
in /opt. I guess the unicode character in the install paths has some
problems in this specific case?

needs to be investigated why this is the case