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sbbdep (Slack Build Binary Dependencies)
sbbdep is a tool for Slackware and Slackware based distributions that traces 
binary runtime dependencies of dynamic linked files.

some simple usage example:

./sbbdep  --whoneeds  --xdl /usr/lib64/
/usr/lib64/ (

this shows that is required by the package akonadi.

sbbdep works also in the other direction

./sbbdep --xdl --short /usr/lib64/
file /usr/lib64/ needs: found in:
    /lib64/ glibc | glibc-solibs ) found in:
    /usr/lib64/ aaa_elflibs | gcc ) found in:
    /lib64/ glibc | glibc-solibs ) found in:
    /lib64/ glibc | glibc-solibs ) found in:
    /lib64/ glibc | glibc-solibs ) found in:
    /usr/lib64/ cxxlibs | gcc-g++ )

this shows which packages requires. 

these queries can also be used for packages

./sbbdep  /var/adm/packages/boost-1.49.0-x86_64-3 
aaa_elflibs >= 14.0 | bzip2 >= 1.0.6
aaa_elflibs >= 14.0 | gcc >= 4.7.1_multilib
aaa_elflibs >= 14.0 | zlib >= 1.2.6
cxxlibs >= 6.0.17 | gcc-g++ >= 4.7.1_multilib
glibc >= 2.15_multilib | glibc-solibs >= 2.15_multilib
icu4c >= 49.1.2


./sbbdep --whoneeds /var/adm/packages/boost-1.49.0-x86_64-3 

the output format is a package list as slapt-get expects it for dependencies.
(the --short option would generate a list without version number)

If the given argument is a file but not with binary dependencies, sbbdep will
search the package database and show found information.

./sbbdep  /etc/pine.conf 
not a file with binary dependencies: /etc/pine.conf
 try to find other information:
absolute match in /var/adm/packages/alpine-2.02-x86_64-1: /etc/pine.conf

For more information and a detailed overview visit the wiki: