sbbdep / TODO

Full commit
just a general list for me here, 

start using issue tracker
next version will be 0.2.0 
transfere longer tasks into bbit 

I realy have to do this

mostly done but check:
log, work through all log and channel usage, check the right one is used, 
unify usage in cli by either pass channel or access (pass channel prefered)
chachsql , use const char* and constexpr for fixed strings

review: merge lddirs with all other pathname stuff to have all on one place

todo, review error.hpp , use new style and check what's needed
check dircontent open if it wouldn't be better to return true/false

implement ldd check, 
 think about an tree view for xdl queries

add option to add extra deps to the output is it is a default dep querz for packages.
think about a --surpress filter that takes away elements form an a|b choice if element is found in the supress list.
(see mail roberto)