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Slackware Builds and Binaries Dependencies (Walker)
    Slackware build bundle

sbbdeb_slk is the 'meta' project for sbbdep

it contains a4sqlt3 and sbbdep as sub repositories. 
this enables one step download/build and a consistence state of revisions.
sbbdep_slk provides also a preconfigured CMake setup for building sbbdep.

for information about sbbdep itself and additional documentation visit

Building sbbdep via sbbdep_slk:

after obtaining sbbdep_slk, either by cloning the repository or downloading
the current source bundle from
cd into the  sbbdep_slk directory
make install

the make install step is optional,
 sbbdep can be run also from the created bin directory
 or from any other place the binary is copied to.

About building sbbdep via the slk distribution:

are included as sub projects 

a additional build requirement is boost

  sbbdep builds only on Slackware 14.0 or newer because it uses C++11

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