A simple Hastebin module for Textadept by Alejandro Baez.


A quick little module that allows you to paste into a hastebin server. You can very easily copy an entire file or selections of a chunk you want to share by using the built in keyword shortcut. See the USAGE for more details.


Requires luasocket and luajson to run properly. If you have LuaDist installed, then the dependencies can be installed by running the following: lua ./dependencies.lua.


You can install by cloning the repository into your module path of textadept and renaming it to hastebin. This can easily be done like so:

cd <Textadept install path>/modules
hg clone hastebin

Afterwards, append into your textadept's init.lua file the following:

require "hastebin"

Lastly go to the config.lua file supplied with the module and change the default url to the hastebin server of your choosing.

If you want to use your own keymapping, then call the module by typing local hb = require("hastebin") and define your keymap by typing something like this: keys[cac] = {hb}. If you want to change the the default keymapping, add HB_DEFAULT_KEYS = false, to your _USERHOME/init.lua file. This will disable the default keys.


You can use the hastebin client by highlighting any chunk of code and running the default keymapped command ctrl+alt+c for Linux and Windows, or the Mac OS command ⌘+^+c. If you don't highlight any code and press the keyboard shortcut, then the module will take the entire file to paste into hastebin. You should now have the url copied to your clipboard to use, at your discretion.