Textadept Linux module/lexer for kernel development/patch by @a_baez


The module was built with the idea to be able to make patches and check them as quickly as possible for Linux kernel contributing. It doesn't do anything too fancy. The modules uses the script for checking if a patch is written correctly. It also builds a Makefile if one doesn't exist near the source of the file being written for checking.

The lexer is really only an alias to the ansi_c lexer.


  • lexer: straight alias to ansi_c lexer. Cannot get easier.
  • module: checkpatch for compile, makefile build on save, and a good list of snippets to use.
  • build: uses Makefile generated or in source to build.

To Do:

  • autocomplete: use autocomplete or reference to Linux kernel.
  • lint: may change how checkpatch call works and instead use for before save check of a file to correct for Linux C compliant.


Clone the repository to your ~/.textadept/modules directory:

cd ~/.textadept/modules
hg clone linux

Then copy the linux.lua lexer file into your ~/.textadept/lexers directory:

cp ~/.textadept/modules/linux/linux.lua ~/.textadept/lexers/linux.lua

Finally, append to your ~/.textadept/init.lua file the module through the file extension. Need to do this, since the file type extension declares the lexer: = 'linux'