A textadept module for love2d by Alejandro Baez.


The module right now doesn't have much. It has a quick template module build that allows quick setup. The template itself builds a small oop with basic inheritence.

Other than the template build, it also allows for running the love project by using the build command keys['cB'] to initiate. Eventually, this module should have quick shortcut documentation to the love api and maybe autocomplete.


Clone the repository to your ~/.textadept/modules directory:

cd ~/.textadept/modules
hg clone love

Then copy the love.lua lexer file into your ~/.textadept/lexers directory:

cp ~/.textadept/modules/love/love.lua ~/.textadept/lexers/love.lua


Any time you want to use the module, you need to change the lexer to the love lexer. You can do this by Buffer->Select Lexer or keys['cL'] and selecting the love lexer.


keys        description
cL          pick love lexer from list to initiate love module.
cB          used for runing love from current project.
can         used to make a new file using the template contained in module.