Moonscript module for Textadept by Alejandro Baez


So after basically being pretty much a fanboy to Leaf, I decided it was about time to learn his coffeescript for lua; Moonscript. The syntax sugars are pretty darn nice and feel even more functional than Lua somehow :3.

Anyway, I noticed that the Textadept/Scintillua module for Moonscript hasn't been updated for a WHILE. Now, Textadept is my editor choice. So obviously, something had to be done. Here is my current work in progress module. It does already have quite a number of options and will continue to progress more as I actually use the language. Literally learned Moonscript while making this module...

NOTE: the module really shines when you use the snippets. Please check them out so you know what they are and make your life that much easier. :)


  • lexer: All keywords, libraries, string type, class definition and full highlighting of the current language spec (0.4).
  • module: compiles *.moon to *.lua, massive list of snippets, autolint working, and can run *.moon files directly.
  • lint: full lint support from moonc -l option.
  • build: build directly from Tupfiles using tup.

To Do:

  • autocomplete: always leave this one out on my modules but will get around to it soon...
  • busted: want unit testing integration with busted tightly constructed from snippets and build.



Clone the repository to your ~/.textadept/modules directory:

cd ~/.textadept/modules
hg clone moonscript

You are done! If you want to use the latest in development version of the lexer (follows the moonscript nightlies), then continue along.

moonscript lexer

Copy the moonscript.lua lexer file into your ~/.textadept/lexers directory:

cp ~/.textadept/modules/moonscript/moonscript.lua ~/.textadept/lexers/moonscript.lua


Keys        Action
cl+s        opens snippets file for modifying.
cR          runs `moonc` on the current moonscript file.
cr          runs `moon` on the current moonscript file.
cB          builds the project with tup.