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A Rust module and lexer for Textadept.


A module/lexer for Rust.

Currently, this module holds all keywords, types, and any other standard lexer definitions described by the Rust reference manual. It also encompasses the vast list of snippets I use when coding, ctags for semi auto-complete on user projects, api references with both self engineered endeavor and racer integration, and simple lint support with rustfmt.


  • lexer: All keywords, primitive types, lifetime, library types, syntax extensions, strings, and numbers lexer definitions.
  • module: *.rs, a humble list of snippets, and API reference to all std crates.
  • build: using cargo to make a build of a project.
  • lint: Basic lint support using rustfmt ftw!
  • autocomplete: A custom autocomplete AND racer support!

To Do:

  • unit test: somehow get unit test integrated better.
  • rustdoc: Make some rustdoc integration as well, while we at it.
  • user definitions: Get Racer to also do user definition reference lookup.
  • Make this module the damn bloody best way to code in Rust.



Clone the repository to your ~/.textadept/modules directory:

cd ~/.textadept/modules
hg clone \

You are done! If you want to use the latest in development version of the lexer (follows the rust nightlies), then continue along.

rust nightlies lexer

Copy the rust.lua lexer file into your ~/.textadept/lexers directory:

cp ~/.textadept/modules/rust/rust.lua ~/.textadept/lexers/rust.lua


Check the USERGUIDE for more information on how to use this wonderful module.