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Author: Lorenzo Gil Sanchez <>

This program allows you to create the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of your GTK+ program in a visual way. It started as a Glade-3 clone but now it is more complete and featured than its ancestor. It tries to be compatible with libglade but it can handle some widgets that still lack support in libglade.

Gazpacho is also part of Gruppy, an LGPL'ed framework and set of tools to build ERP-like software systems for medium and small sized companies. Nevertheless it is not dependent of any part of it so you can use it by its own.

Gazpacho's homepage is located at:

It's sourcecode is avaliable through a subversion repository at:

If you have any enhancements or bug reports, please fill them in GNOME bugzilla:

Please select the product name Gazpacho


Gazpacho has the following dependencies:

Python 2.3 or higher PyGTK 2.6.0 or higher kiwi 1.9.6 or higher Twisted 1.3.0 (optional, for development)

Running Gazpacho

To run Gazpacho you can either run it from the download directory or you can install it into your prefix.

If you don't want to install it just type:

[lgs@localhost gazpacho]$ bin/gazpacho

Note that you will probably need to set your PYTHONPATH if your system does not have pygtk 2.4.0 in the default python site-packages directory.

If you want to install Gazpacho just type: [lgs@localhost gazpacho]$ python install --prefix=yourprefix

Note that you will need write permissions in 'yourprefix'

Then to run gazpacho: [lgs@localhost]$ gazpacho

Note that your path will need to containe 'yourprefix/bin'

New Versions

New versions of Gazpacho can be found at:

Mailing list

There is a mailing list for Gazpacho. You can subscribe to it through the web interface at: