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Issue #339 resolved

On Initialization PIDA (beta3) experiences a Segmentation Fault

Anonymous created an issue

Not sure what information would help you out but I'm running Ubuntu Jaunty x64 and Python2.6.

Stepping through the code the segfault happens in pida/core/servicemanager.py at line 68 (module = import(module, fromlist=['*'], level=0)) when name='notify'.

If there's any other valid information that would help out let me know.

Reported by atatsu

Comments (10)

  1. Anonymous

    Replying to [comment:3 poelzi]:

    are you running ubuntu or to be more precise python-gobject 2.16 ? cause it is broken and ubuntu packaged it. the fix is in ubuntu-proposed however.

    I'll check when I get back to work first thing in the morning (my workstation is running a different version of Ubuntu than my home system). I just successfully installed beta3 at home (after first installing from apt to resolve all dependencies, not sure why apt-get build-dep didn't install everything needed) so hopefully it is what you said.

  2. Anonymous

    And one other thing. Sorry for even submitting this. I'm not sure how I missed the "Unstable on Ubuntu Jaunty" on the blog. :\

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