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Pida - A Framework for integrated development

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'''Latest release:'''[[BR]]

Stable:[ 0.6.2]

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What is PIDA ?

PIDA is an IDE (integrated development environment).

PIDA is different from other IDEs in that it will use the toolsBR you already have available rather than attempting to reinvent each one. BR PIDA is written in Python with the PyGTK toolkit, and although is designedBR to be used to program in any language, PIDA has fancy Python IDE features.

Why should I use PIDA ?

PIDA has a number of unique features, such as

  • Embedding Vim or any editor
  • Using any version control system
  • Very powerful integrated console
  • Flexible language plugins ('''new in 0.6''')


PIDA Documentation:

  • InstallationHowto
  • FrequentlyAskedQuestions (FAQ)
  • TipsAndTricks
  • ScreenShots
  • [wiki:Contact Contact and Support]

Developer Documentation here:

  • GettingStartedWithHackingPida — how to get started with the current development version
  • PluginHowto – How to develop Plugins
  • HelpWanted — Tasks that need adoptions
  • CommitChecklist
  • ReleaseChecklist
  • EmacsSupport
  • RoadMap
  • CorePatchReview
  • BranchingEtiquette
  • JavaSupport

Other Documentation here:

  • MooEditorLinux
  • WindowsInstallation
  • CustomGladeWidgets
  • ServiceLocalization
  • CommunityWebsite
  • ConfiguringVimForPython
  • DocumentationRefactoring
  • IntegratedTools

Documentation we need :

  • DeveloperDoumentation

'''Want to get involved?'''

'''PidaPluginIdeas''' For ideas for PIDA plugins that people would like.