1. Anna Agafonova
  2. jenkins-stuff


this project can be used to visualize up- and downstream dependencies between Jenkins jobs.

1) python 2.x - tested with 2.7.3
    (doesn't work at the moment with python 3.x - probably only needs some small tweaks)
2) graphviz must be installed to generate svg file - http://www.graphviz.org/

* change url property in project.properties file or even better - copy content to personal properties file and modify that instead.
* optionally you could define your own custom visualization of the graph nodes (Jenkins jobs) -
to use another visualization example you can uncomment formatterPlugin property.
You can define your own visualization implementation based on example plugins and graphviz visualization rules: http://www.graphviz.org/content/attrs

To generate graph that contains only jobs that are grouped under some view (for example SomeViewName), you could use URL of the view instead of URL of the Jenkins:

python gen_graph.py

output.svg - SVG image containing visualization of the jenkins graph based on upstream/downstream jobs
output.dot - graph description file used to render output.svg (used by Graphviz)