This is an unofficial widget I made on a weekend. Bitbucket had nothing to do with it and I'm making no copyright claims to their name.


jQuery: tested with 1.8.3. Probably works with any version where $.ajax() returns a promise.


Teh codez r in dist/

This repo is Bower-ready, but not on Bower. Last I checked, Bower only supports the git protocol. Needs some ssh/https love first.

This markup will automatically be filled in with repository data on $(document).ready()

<div class="bitbucket-widget" data-repo="aahmed/bitbucket-widget"></div>

If you add markup to the page later on, you can trigger a retrieval with


You can pass in author and repo options if you don't like the data-repo attribute.

    author : 'aahmed',
    repo : 'bitbucket-widget'

A repo-retrieved event will be fired on the element when it has been filled. You can listen for it with

$('.new-thing').on('repo-retrieved', function() {