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Issue #12 open

Support Microsoft Exchange

Adam Ahmed
staff repo owner created an issue

Currently looking at Exchange 2010 and up.

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  1. mrmarbury

    This would be the killer feature for us. We have a fully featured Zimbra System (including Exchange Module) and would like to use our existing meeting room calendars with your software

  2. Adam Ahmed staff reporter

    Hey Mr Marbury. Good to get some validation!

    This is the issue I'm currently tackling, and I've been getting some great help.

    Definitely watch this for updates if you're interested.

  3. soeviper

    +1 !! Really like the idea to replace our few proprietary and expensive displays with tablets and a customizable app but since exchange is the way to go in our enterprise, this support is a must have prerequisite.

  4. Adam Ahmed staff reporter

    Thanks for that Nick! It looks like a nice reference, but only works with emails currently.

    When I last gave this a try (which was admittedly quite a while ago now), my biggest frustration was dealing with SOAP timezones (and not just SOAP, but Microsoft's somewhat non-standard SOAP). There's not a lot of Node support for SOAP (understandably! SOAP is a bit too dated for it), and the packages that do exist can't quite handle Microsoft's SOAP format.

    Just read simon_dick's comment - I somehow missed it for the past....year :$. ActiveSync looks like it might avoid the SOAP issues altogether which would be sweet! I'll probably look in that direction when I check this out again.

  5. Seiji Ohashi

    Exchange support for this would be sweet. Busy meeting rooms are a frustration right up there with the office being too cold in the summer and too hot in the winter.

  6. Daniel Eads

    IANAD, but looks like node-ews tries to wrap the whole Exchange API (new library since this issue was last commented). We're in an Exchange environment but have G Suite available. I might try syncing Exchange to G Suite if that's possible but will come back to node-ews if it's not.

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