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Support Microsoft Exchange

Adam Ahmed [Away until March 27]
staff repo owner created an issue

Currently looking at Exchange 2010 and up.

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  1. mrmarbury

    This would be the killer feature for us. We have a fully featured Zimbra System (including Exchange Module) and would like to use our existing meeting room calendars with your software

  2. soeviper

    +1 !! Really like the idea to replace our few proprietary and expensive displays with tablets and a customizable app but since exchange is the way to go in our enterprise, this support is a must have prerequisite.

  3. Adam Ahmed [Away until March 27] staff reporter

    Thanks for that Nick! It looks like a nice reference, but only works with emails currently.

    When I last gave this a try (which was admittedly quite a while ago now), my biggest frustration was dealing with SOAP timezones (and not just SOAP, but Microsoft's somewhat non-standard SOAP). There's not a lot of Node support for SOAP (understandably! SOAP is a bit too dated for it), and the packages that do exist can't quite handle Microsoft's SOAP format.

    Just read simon_dick's comment - I somehow missed it for the past....year :$. ActiveSync looks like it might avoid the SOAP issues altogether which would be sweet! I'll probably look in that direction when I check this out again.

  4. Seiji Ohashi

    Exchange support for this would be sweet. Busy meeting rooms are a frustration right up there with the office being too cold in the summer and too hot in the winter.

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