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Issue #16 resolved

Unable to remove default calendar and order issues

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Thanks for the cool project! We had been using Eventboard, but it was unable to support google resources. I came across your post and immediately tried it out. I'm hoping you can assist with a couple of issues.

We see both the shared resource calendars (conference rooms) and the default calendar of the dedicated MEAT user. We've tried to remove it but are unable to do so.

Also, we have our rooms listed as Conference Room 1, Conference Room 2, etc. When opening the webapp, these are out of order.

Please see attached screenshot. Any help would be appreciated.


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  1. Adam Ahmed staff repo owner

    Look in the config JSON in your meat data directory. There is a 'filter' property under rooms that you can set to a regex or array to filter the visible rooms. Otherwise the list contains everything the user can see at calendar.google.com

    The order that the rooms are displayed in is first by availability, then alphabetical. There isn't a way to configure this at the moment, but I'd accept a PR if you need it.

    Hope that helps!

  2. jrfowlessc reporter

    Thanks for your quick response. I literally got the filtering of the default calendar to work right before you sent this, ha. Anyhow, thanks again!

  3. jrfowlessc reporter

    Actually, which iOS browser do you use for displaying the page? I'm unable to toggle fullscreen in Safari or Chrome and would like to have the search bar removed from the top. Thanks!

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