1. Adam Ahmed [Atlassian]
  2. meat
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As a user, I want to be able to free up a room when my meeting ends early.

Adam Ahmed [Atlassian]
staff repo owner created an issue

I had a meeting in Fishbowl this morning, scheduled for 30 minutes. I ended after 15, and I would like to have been able to mark the room as now available.

Reported by: Ted Tencza

This could be done for meetings booked through MEAT, but not arbitrary meetings (unless I let people log into Google through MEAT). Probably unlikely to happen soon.

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  1. Ashley Bartlett [Atlassian]

    It would depend on how secure the Meat account is, whether it would need acces to everyone's calendar, or just the meeting rooms, and it would need to pass a peer review to confirm this, but it might be possible to give the meat account elevated access to the calendars.

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