Welcome to the Non-Dairy Soy plugin!

This document is subject to change, particularly at any point it is deemed
necessary to add or revise something.

== Project Goals ==

 * Develop a top-quality IntelliJ language plugin
 * Enhance the usability and maintainability of soy files
 * Leverage the most powerful features of IntelliJ IDEA to promote a superior
   developer experience
 * I18N support from day one; hopefully with language additions available
   before beta release
 * Automated tests designed to ensure a quality release every time

== FAQ ==

Why a Plugin for Closure Templates?
    Simply put, our team started using Closure Templates in our project because
    they are nifty. As an avid IntelliJ IDEA user in an IntelliJ IDEA shop, I
    was disappointed there wasn't one already.

    Wait, I can write Java code, why not a plugin for the most awesome Java IDE