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Frigo is a file sharing utility intended to be used to share assets between computers that are part of a multimedia installation. It uses HTTP and JSON.

It used to be a simple media RSS server.

This software is not in a working state right now. It used to be part of the Toonloop live stop motion animation software.

Desing Choices

  • RESTful uses TCP, standard HTTP URL and methods.
  • Use JSON whenever suitable. (not XML)
  • When a client is not reachable the pusher gives up.
  • Use inotify for monitor directories.

Sequence Diagram

Client/subscriber Server

|---- PUT>| (subscription to the pusher) |<----------- OK------------------| | | |<-- PUT new file xxx.jpg---------| (pushing an event to subscribers) | | |---- GET files list ------------>| (get list of files) |<-----{'ham', 'spam', 'egg'} ----| | | |----- GET xxx.jpg -------------->| |<--588cc9cc9a718ab568b3e1977cc9--| (download the file) | |