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  * PortMidi Portable Real-Time MIDI Library
- * license.txt -- a copy of the PortMidi copyright notice and license information
+ * COPYING -- a copy of the PortMidi copyright notice and license information
  * Latest version available at:
+ * Copyright (c) 2005 John Harrison for the Python bindings
  * Copyright (c) 1999-2000 Ross Bencina and Phil Burk
  * Copyright (c) 2001-2009 Roger B. Dannenberg
+0.0.6 (Mon, 14 Dec 2009)
+  Debian packaging
+  Removed from scripts files that were not scripts
+0.0.5: (June 1st, 2009) From the Pygame project
+  Output no longer calls abort when it deallocates.
+  Added abort and close methods.
+  Need to call Abort() explicityly if you want that to happen.
 PyPortMidi v0.03 03/15/05
 Python wrappings for PortMidi
 John Harrison
 Besides using PyPortMidi to communicate to synthesizers and the
 like, it is possible to use PyPortMidi as a way to send MIDI messages
-between software packages on the same computer. For example, Using
-PyPortMidi and MIDI-YOKE on a Windows machine, it is possible to send
-realtime MIDI messages between programs on the same computer using
-loopback virtual MIDI ports.
-PyPortMidi is cross-platform, but it will require some small
-changes in the file for it to install correctly on Linux
-machines. The changes should be pretty straightforward, and I am
-anxious to work with a Linux user on the port.
+between software packages on the same computer. 
 PyPortMidi was written in Pyrex, a language for writing Python extension
 Installing PyPortMidi from its Pyrex source code:
-1. Linux only: install ASLA if it is not installed:
+1. Linux only: install ALSA if it is not installed:
 2. Install Pyrex if it is not installed
 OS X or Linux because I suspect these users would rather compile
 from source code. If this is not the case, please tell me.
+Update: There is now a Debian package available from
 Using PyPortMidi
 Running the sample script and looking at the code is the