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Alexandre Quessy
added the license file from the portmidi project.
Alexandre Quessy
added simple copyright file. Adding README.txt to doc in package.
Alexandre Quessy
Added tag for changeset b770f1cb9f06
Alexandre Quessy
fixed ubuntu version number. No packaging yet, though.
Alexandre Quessy
Trying to fix ubuntu packaging at my best.
Alexandre Quessy
Added a short one-line description for the debian package.
Alexandre Quessy
changed maintainer email and moved build-deps to suggestions.> on bzzz
updated .hgignore> on bzzz
Updated package version> on bzzz
Updated with liportmidi.a and libporttime.a from Ubuntu 8.04> on bzzz
removed "I created" from package description.> on bzzz
updated hgignore> on bzzz
Added tag 0.0.6 for changeset 617594bf258c> on bzzz
Moved to
0.0.6> on bzzz
added .hgignore> on bzzz
fixed name of package in changelog> on bzzz
Debian/* files modifed to match this project.> on bzzz
Copied debian files from toonloop> on bzzz
made setup executable again> on bzzz
done renaming TXT to txt> on bzzz
renamed README to lowercase extension> on bzzz
Initial import.
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