Audio sampler for sound effects.

Does not aim to provide pitch shifting and other musical goodies.

Developers Notes

Hopes to use: 

 * OSC (maybe with a registration mechanism to one of the peers that's a server)
 * STK (audio synthesis only !)

Mercurial Notes
For Mercurial, there are some ignored files in .hgignore. To clean every file 
that is not committed, do this :

  hg purge --all 

Installing liblo
liblo-dev package in Ubuntu 8.04 is old and has bugs. (server hangs 7 seconds at startup) Install it from source. 

Follow these steps, roughly::

  sudo apt-get install subversion build-essential automake libtool 
  cd src
  svn checkout bullet
  cd bullet
  sudo make install
  cd -
  svn co liblo
  cd liblo
  sudo make install

Installing toonloop

The python script located in the py/ directory relies on rats.osc, which is part of Toonloop. Follow the steps in the INSTALL.txt that comes with Toonloop. The important part is installing pyLiblo.