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The Toonloop Live Stop Motion Animation Software

Toonloop is a live stop motion animation software. It aims at showing the creation process the the audience as well as the result of the creation. The frame by frame animation is made by adding frames one by one to a clip made of many frames. Clips are displayed in a never ending loop.

Toonloop is a great tool to for teaching new medias to children. It can also be used as a professionnal software for movie creators, though it is mainly intended to be used in a live kiosk of show. In the left window, you can see what is seen by the live camera. In the right window, it is the result of the stop motion loop.

This is the current official Toonloop repository. The official Toonloop web site is located at

Download Toonloop for GNU/Linux

To download the most recent version of Toonloop, please visit the Download page. If using the GNU/Linux operating system, you will first need to install the pygame 1.9 Debian package, next install the Toonloop package. If you are not using Ubuntu or Debian, you will need to install all the depencies and compile Pygame and Toonloop. To install Toonloop, you can read the INSTALL.txt file.

If you are looking for Toonloop for Mac OS X or Windows, see the Toonloop web site.


If you are a developer or an active user, you might be interested by the RoadMap page. The tasks that are already done are in the Done page. Developers might be interested in the ReleaseProcess. Please join the mailing list if you are interested in taking part in the development.

Puresampler : the audio Toonloop !

Puresampler is the audio toonloop. This part of the project uses python-purity. See the python-purity project.