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Toonloop Road Map :: Features to add and bugs to fix in Toonloop

Note: the development in the branch 1.3 no longer occurs. It's a dead branch. The current stable branch is 1.2. Most development occur in branch 2.0, where we prepare a rewrite in C++. We plan to release the 1.9 version for the end of June 2010. (the first release of branch 2.0)

The tasks that are already done are in the Done page.

Version 1.4: (Python) Improving the kiosk mode


  • #62 Man page is empty when built on Launchpad
  • #56 delete command deletes the wrong frame
  • #26 Improve icon

To Do

These issues are likely to get solved in branch 1.2 for milestone 1.4:

  • #64 remove the removehead feature
  • #65 Enter should move writehead to the last frame
  • #15 Background image is shown over some image
  • text: display playhead, clip and writehead number

Won't Fix

  • #57 Be able to make viewport smaller
  • #49 Create toonloop-launcher GUI
  • #37 Save images in a temporary directory, not in the same...
  • #63 Trying to quit when in fullscreen mode freezes the app
  • GTK sliders for effects as an external window. (via OSC)
  • external app: Youtube uploader.
  • WONTFIX: Make sure the rendering area is the right size. (not clipped) This will be fixed in the version 2.