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Wellcome to APSL-LIB

Here you'll find a set of Django tools and utilities that we usuarlly use in while developing our Django projects.

Some of them are just djangosnippets that we have get, saved and put in the lib, we've tried to get the credit in the code.

Here you can find templatetags, context processor and utilities. Some of them are missing Django features and some, like iker_tags, utilities to improve our work while working with Django templates.

Django Tips

  1. I always use the same library in all the projects.

It's also quite usual to us, as we work with i18n applications and we're strong fans of sorl.thumbnail. You can add your own library to your django project just

from django import template template.add_to_builtins('')


  • apsl_tags
    • mkrange
    • autolinebreaks
    • currency
    • add_get
    • in_group
    • active
    • active_for_user
    • active_for_anonymous
  • iker_tags
    • rawdump
    • dump
    • dir
    • hash
    • classname
    • details
  • partition_tags

Recent activity


Commits by aaloy were pushed to aaloy/apsl-lib

ff4528f - I've started creating unit test for the filters and tags
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