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 django-admin-tools changelog
+Version 0.2.0, 29 February 2010:
+* bookmarks are now being saved in the database (thanks @alexrobbins); 
+* dashboard preferences are also saved in the database;
+* added support for django-staticfiles STATIC_URL settings (thanks @dstufft);
+* added polish, italian, greek and brazilian locales;
+* updated docs.
+Backwards incompatible changes in 0.2.0
+Now, django-admin-tools stores menu and dashboard preferences in the database, 
+so you'll need to run syncdb and to add the django-admin-tools urls to your 
+urlconf. These steps are described in details in the documentation.
+You'll also need to add ``admin_tools`` to your ``INSTALLED_APPS`` for the 
+locales to work (this was not documented in previous versions).
 Version 0.1.2, 13 February 2010:
 * added a "bookmarks" menu item and the code to manage bookmarks;
 * fixed jquery issues with django 1.2.
 Version 0.1.1, 10 February 2010: