The main repository for the preparation to DSA 2017

It contains the scripts to generate the descriptive stats / modeling diagrams and the static website / report for the event.

Workshops and Other Material

In addition to the source code available in this repository, the following material was produced at the workshops / presentations we had the opportunity to participate to at DSA 2017.

Pre-requisites (in order of requirement):

  1. Linux
    • The tutorial should work satisfactorily in a python environment at a different architecture, with reasonable adjustments.
  2. Python
  3. pip
    • If pip is not installed:
      • wget
      • python
  4. virtualenv
    • pip install virtualenv
    • For a quick introduction on what is a virtual environment and why you may need it, please see this link

Build process

  1. Fork the repository with git clone [URL]. This will give you a directory dsaafrica.
  2. cd dsaafrica
  3. Build the virtual environment with python virtualenv [nameOfEnvironment]
  4. Activate the virtual environment with source [nameOfEnvironment]/bin/activate
  5. Install pre-requisites in the virtual environment with pip install -r requirements.txt
  6. To create the static website of the tutorial:
    • (from the root directory of dsaafrica) cd DataVis_DSA2017
    • make build
  7. To create the report and link it to the static website:
    • (from the root directory of dsaafrica) cd scripts
    • make install
  8. To see the newly built local website:
    • (from the root directory of dsaafrica) firefox DataVis_DSA2017/build/index.html

Warning!!! First create the static website then make install from the scripts/ folder, otherwise, lektor will overwrite the build/tzreport/ directory which is where the output from scripts/ goes.

Python 3 Users!!!* The file is exactly the same as but contains a set of modifications to make it compatible with Python 3. * The modifications were discovered with the 2to3 python tool. 2to3 produces a diff file which is applied to with patch.