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-- I can't spell
+- I can't spell.
 - You aren't very good either.
 - You are tired of pasting words into Google.
 - Persisted enumeration names are permament in practice.
+============== ============ ============ ===========
+               VS 2012 (11) VS 2010 (10) VS 2008 (9)
+ReSharper v6.1 Maybe        Yep          Probably
+ReSharper v7.0 Maybe        Yep          Probably
+============== ============ ============ ===========
+- JavaScript
+- C#
+-- Uses inheritance information.
+-- Mispellings are suggested at the root of the problem (parent).
+-- Razor
+-- ASP(X)
+- XML (AppConfig)
+Uses NHunspell: http://nhunspell.sourceforge.net/
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