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// This is not mispellled.
// This is not |spellled|(0) |goood|(1).

var |mispellled|(2) = "this is not mispellled";

var |wrongspelling|(3) = function (|notgoodspelling|(4)) {
    return notgoodspelling + 1;

var thing = function |spelledbad|(5)(|badparam|(6)) {
    var spelledWrong = "This is spelled |wrrong|(7).";
    return function () {
        return badparam;
} ();
0: Spelling error: spellled
Spelling Fixes
--Replace with: spelled
--Replace with: spell led
--Replace with: spell-led
--Replace with: spellable
--Replace with: speller
--Replace with: speedwell
--Replace with: pelleted
--Replace with: spelldown
--Replace with: spellbind
--Add "spellled" to dictionary
--Ignore spelling for "spellled"
1: Spelling error: goood
Spelling Fixes
--Replace with: good
--Replace with: Good
--Replace with: godhood
--Replace with: goosed
--Replace with: goo
--Replace with: Gouda
--Replace with: gourd
--Add "goood" to dictionary
--Ignore spelling for "goood"
2: Spelling error: mispellled
Spelling Fixes
--Replace with: Misspelled
--Replace with: Dispelled
--Replace with: Misspell
--Replace with: Respelled
--Replace with: Misplace
--Replace with: Misplay
--Add "mispellled" to dictionary
--Ignore spelling for "mispellled"
3: Spelling error: wrongspelling
Spelling Fixes
--Replace with: WrongSpelling
--Replace with: Respelling
--Replace with: Propelling
--Replace with: Misspelling
--Replace with: Dispelling
--Replace with: Unexplainable
--Replace with: Unexplained
--Add "wrongspelling" to dictionary
--Ignore spelling for "wrongspelling"
4: Spelling error: notgoodspelling
Spelling Fixes
--Replace with: nonspecializing
--Replace with: dispelling
--Replace with: misspelling
--Replace with: propelling
--Replace with: nondisciplinary
--Replace with: interdisciplinary
--Add "notgoodspelling" to dictionary
--Ignore spelling for "notgoodspelling"
5: Spelling error: spelledbad
Spelling Fixes
--Replace with: SpelledBad
--Replace with: Spellable
--Replace with: Spellbind
--Replace with: Speedwell
--Replace with: Spreadeagled
--Replace with: Splittable
--Replace with: Spellbound
--Add "spelledbad" to dictionary
--Ignore spelling for "spelledbad"
6: Spelling error: badparam
Spelling Fixes
--Replace with: paramaribo
--Replace with: paradigm
--Replace with: barbara
--Replace with: parader
--Replace with: taproom
--Replace with: deprogram
--Add "badparam" to dictionary
--Ignore spelling for "badparam"
7: Spelling error: wrrong
Spelling Fixes
--Replace with: wrong
--Replace with: prong
--Replace with: rowing
--Replace with: wrung
--Replace with: wring
--Replace with: wrangle
--Replace with: throng
--Add "wrrong" to dictionary
--Ignore spelling for "wrrong"