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A hg extension that provides some extra sanity checks when committing to sensitive branches.


To install, clone this repo somewhere, and add the following to your .hgrc:

idiocy = /path/to/cloned/repo/

By default the only sensitive branch is "release". If you want to change this, add a section like this:

branches = release,ui-changes

If you have the color extension installed and active, the list of files will be displayed in colour. Note that I haven't tested this with any other output-altering extension, let me know if you have issues.


I haven't tested this on Windows, with any output altering extension other than color, and with any version of mercurial before 1.9 and after 2.0.

The extension doesn't really work within PyCharm - instead of the full list of files, you get a disembodied pop-up dialog. It will prevent you from committing if you hit no, but the integration could be a lot better.

I'm open to fixing issues in these areas - please let me know if you find any other and I'll see what I can do.

The Name

The extension was written after I committed a mortal sin and committed to the release branch without testing properly. It is named in attempt to prevent such idiocy again.

Future Development

  • Some automated testing
  • Improve the message shown when you bail out
  • PyCharm support
  • Show a warning based on the time of day (discourage committing anywhere sensitive in the afternoon, for example)
  • A maths problem or a captcha to prevent enter-itis