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Fixed issue with deleting items in accounts list, and updating after adding account and welcome screen

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     welcomeDone: function(inSender, inNew) {
         var accounts = inNew;
+        this.$.preferencesView.receiveAccounts(accounts);


                 {kind: "Spacer", flex: 1},
                 {name: "serviceIcon"+i, kind: "Image", src: this.$.accountUtilities.smallServiceIconFromNumber(this.accounts[i].service), className: "preferences-account-serviceicon"},
                 {name: "service"+i, content: this.$.accountUtilities.serviceNameFromNumber(this.accounts[i].service), className: "preferences-account-service"},
-                {name: "Spacer", flex: 2},
-                {name: "deleteAccount", kind: "Button", className: "enyo-button-negative", caption: "Delete", onclick: "deleteAccount"}
+                {kind: "Spacer", flex: 2},
+                {kind: "Button", className: "enyo-button-negative", caption: "Delete", onclick: "deleteAccount"}
         this.$.accountsList.createComponents(componentsToAdd, {owner: this});
+    receiveAccounts: function(accounts) {
+        this.accounts = accounts;
+        this.setupAccounts();
+    },
     deleteAccount: function(inSender, inEvent) {
         var index = parseInt(inEvent.dispatchTarget.container.components[0].name);
             username: inSender.username(),
             password: inSender.password()
-        this.$.accountUtilities.addAccount(account);
-        this.accounts = this.$.accountUtilities.getAccounts();
+        this.accounts.push(account);
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