Anton Afanasyev avatar Anton Afanasyev committed f7d9f6c

remove useless comments, update where script originated from, and correct the
update URL

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 // @exclude*
 // @exclude*
 // @version        0.0.66
-// @updateURL
+// @updateURL
 // @icon 
 // @grant          GM_getValue
 // @grant          GM_setValue
 // version: 0.0.66 2012-08-31T18:23:34+09:00
 // this script based on
-// GoogleAutoPager( and
-// estseek autopager(
-// thanks to
+// AutoPagerize
+// thanks to swdyh.
 // Released under the GPL license
-// With mods by AA
-//var ep = getPref('exclude_patterns')
-// FIXME:
-//if (ep && isExclude(ep)) {
-//  return;
 // disable paging when scrolling with LMB pressed
 var MBTN_LEFT=0;
 var leftMouseDown = false;
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