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copyright, release notes, & version info updated to meself

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 DotNetNuke Visual Studio Gallery Templates
 These templates are designed for DotNetNuke 7+ (references are currently for 7.0.2),
-managed by Chris Hammond, owner Software Solutions
+managed by Anton Afanasyev
+Original by Chris Hammond, owner Software Solutions,
 This VSIX extension package is an offshoot of the ChristocTemplates project, 
 the source code for these templates, as well as older templates are
 available there.
+V2.2.5 - Release Date TBD
+fits my DNN development directory structure
+better packaging of module packages
+VB not maintained - only C#
+I like tabs. not spaces. this conforms.
+example data table name is prepended with company name - because it makes sense.
 V2.2 - Release Date 4/3/2013
 Description: Fixed Release Build location (wasn't going into the DNN root)
 Fixed copyright messages in the VB project.


 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
 <PackageManifest Version="2.0.0" xmlns="" xmlns:d="">
-    <Identity Id="e48e838a-c708-4d43-b822-4d5de0d13eed" Version="2.2" Language="en-US" Publisher="Chris Hammond" />
+    <Identity Id="e48e838a-c708-4d43-b822-4d5de0d13eed" Version="2.2.5" Language="en-US" Publisher="Anton Afanasyev" />
     <DisplayName>DotNetNuke Project Templates</DisplayName>
     <Description xml:space="preserve">This Visual Studio Package contains Project Templates to aid in your DotNetNuke Extension development.</Description>
-    <MoreInfo></MoreInfo>
+    <!--<MoreInfo></MoreInfo>-->
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