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This is a plugin for Anjuta IDE that adds support for Vala.

You can get a tarball from the downloads tab above, or clone the repository.

Installing is as easy as :

make && make install

You may need to run make install as root.

This has already been merged in Anjuta, and so there will be no more updates to this repository. It is kept here for users of stable Anjuta 2.30, older versions may work with older versions of Anjuta, but are not supported.

Below is historical information if you want to try it with old versions.

Please note that since Vala and Anjuta don't have a stable API, the plugin may not work with the most recent version.

The tip version should work with anjuta from git (future 2.30) when bug 611244 is fixed (meanwhile you can use the patch there) and recent Vala (I beleive it should work with 0.7.8).

If you're using older anjuta versions, 4c165a4c1828 may work for you (it should work with 2.26 or older versions of Anjuta, but not with 2.28)

If you're using an older version of vala : 59b548a0b046 should work with 0.7.7, 43ca64d97cf9 should work with older Vala 0.7.x, and 1963793163f8 with yet older 0.5.7 and 0.6.x).