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Welcome to Galacticus

Welcome to the Galacticus project. Galacticus is a semi-analytic model of galaxy formation - a powerful toolkit for modeling the physics of how galaxies form. For a scientific description of the model see the New Astronomy article on Galacticus.


For questions about installing or using Galacticus, please contact:


Snapshots of the entire source, along with statically-linked executables are created automatically every day. You can check the status of the automated builds here. For all available downloads, see the Downloads page.

How do I install and use Galacticus?

Galacticus is designed to run on Linux systems - we currently do not support installation on Mac OS.

Installing using a pre-compiled binary

By far the easiest way to install and use Galacticus is to use a pre-compiled binary. To do this:

  • download and unpack the source tarball (which contains various datasets that are needed at run-time):
tar xvfj
  • download the pre-compiled binary, place it in the directory created when you unpacked the source tarball, and give it executable permissions:
cd galacticus_v0.9.4
chmod u=wrx Galacticus_v0.9.4_latest_x86_64.exe

You can then run a quick test model using:

Galacticus_v0.9.4_latest_x86_64.exe parameters/quickTest.xml

Installing from source

To install Galacticus from source (necessary only if you want to modify or add to the code yourself), the recommended approach is to use the installation script. The installation script will attempt to download and install all dependencies, before downloading and installing Galacticus.

Note that the degree of success you experience with the installation script may be less than you hoped for! If the script fails, open a bug report at the installation scripts repo.

Contribution guidelines

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