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This is a photoblog tested and built on Google's App Engine (GAE); using the relatively new support of Python 2.7


  • Basic form for uploading an image,
  • Guess mimetype using cgi.FieldStorage class,
  • Partial page updates retrieved via asynchronous Javascript and JSON,
  • JSON information is parsed by Douglas Crockford's json2.js,
  • Using GAE's new built-in libraries:
  • Image resizing by Python Imaging Library (PIL),
  • Templating by Armin Ronacher's Jinja2,

Two levels of caching are supported before going to datastore: 1. most optimal, browser caching 2. next best, if available in cached memory (memcache) 3. datastore query

Features to add: resize to thumbnail-size; potentially use task queue thumbnail gallery; potentially with dynamic editing of properties