Christian Specht committed cead444

add shortcut to readme

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 				<File Id='License' Name='License.rtf' DiskId='1' Source='release\bin\License.rtf' KeyPath='yes' />
 			<Component Id='Readme' Guid='{B73CBD07-1FF2-4994-92C6-3B56068E01E3}'>
-				<File Id='Readme' Name='readme.txt' DiskId='1' Source='release\bin\' KeyPath='yes' />
+				<File Id='Readme' Name='readme.txt' DiskId='1' Source='release\bin\' KeyPath='yes'>
+					<Shortcut Id='ReadmeShortcut' Directory='ProgramMenuDir' Name='Readme' WorkingDirectory='INSTALLDIR' Advertise='yes' />
+				</File>
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