Release Key should accept dot or underscore

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Issue #10 wontfix
Former user created an issue

To be able to use common release/version notation it should be able to use dots or underscores in key definition. Actually you have to create a release key "RELEASE1112" (only alphanumeric) instead of the more readable key "RELEASE_1.11.2". This would be really helpful.

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  1. abhijit Jadeja repo owner

    In initial versions it accepted the other special characters, but created other bugs. Release name accepts those characters. May be you can use the release name for that purpose. I'll see if I can safely accept those characters in the release key.

  2. Lorenzo Cappelletti

    I agree with the issue reporter and add that pattern should be taken from property jira.projectkey.pattern (see Administration → General Settings → Advanced Settings in JIRA 5.1.3).

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